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The HobbitThe Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien is about Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, who goes on an adventure with some other Hobbits. They travel to Lonely Mountain to get their land back from an evil dragon.

Bilbo's adventures all started when he was sitting outside one day and a wizard named Gandalf asked him to go with them to Lonely Mountain to help steal back the treasure and land that Smaug (the evil dragon) had stolen from their forefathers. Bilbo gladly joined the travelers.

Soon, they left and entered the mountains. When it started to rain they took shelter in a cave and fell asleep. Bilbo woke up and saw their ponies being stolen. They were all grabbed by goblins, except for Gandalf, who made himself disappear. Later, Gandalf reappeared and killed the chief goblin and saved the dwarfs again. Before they left Bilbo stole a ring that makes people invisible when worn.

They traveled farther to a forest called Mirkwood. Here, they stayed with a bear named Beorn who gave them food and ponies. After many days, they left and giant spiders captured them but Bilbo escaped and later escapes his friends. Then they floated all the way to Esgaroth.

There, they stayed a week, then set off towards the mountain. When they got there, Bilbo entered the dragon's lair, and stole a golden cup for them. then the dwars attacked the goblins. The goblins lost and the land was owned by Hobbits once again. After a long journey Bilbo settled down again, happy to be living a simple life.