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HOBBIT The main character is Bilbo a hobbit. In the book a hobbit is described as a short man and has similar qualities of a elf. Bilbo being like any hobbit loves a lazy and comfortable life. But his father was a reagular hobbit but his mother the legendary Took family were known for there knack for getting into adventures which were not normal for hobbits. Even though he had Tooks ancestral blood Bilbo Baggin was like any Hobbit One day sitting outside his hole {a hobbit kind of house} smoking a pipe he saw an elderly man passing toward his house. Bilbo recognizes the man as Gandalf a wizard that made fantastic fireworks on holidays in Hobbiton. In an ongoing conversation Gandalf who asks Bilbo to an adventure. Bilbo immediately declines the offer. So in not trying to be rude Bilbo asks Gandalf to have tea with him sometimes.

So when the next day he hears the doorbell ring he naturally thinks it is Gandalf but surpriscingly a dwarf comes in . Biblo slowly gets increasingly annoyed until the thirteenth dwarf comes in Thorin. When everything gets sorten out Bilbo finds himself in a position of being a thief. Gandalf had volunteered him to be a thief. Though the hobbit and the dwarves argued , Gandalf himself thinks that Bilbo would be a useful companion in the adventure. By then Bilbo knows his mission is to kill the dragon Smaug who killed most of the dwarves folowers of thors dad the king . So the next day Gandalf rushes him to an Inn in whitch they start thier journey . In the journey they meet friends and enemies who help them survive the quest such as the eagle king who help them survive from the goblins whitch they fight...