The Hobbit

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Aniya Maheen

Tolkien created a whole new world with his innovative imagination and meticulous wording, and this fantasy world is what I think attracted readers to The Lord of the Rings. When reading about all of the different characters and places in the novel, readers are fascinated by the magic, complexity, and unpredictability of the plot. However, critics, according to an article from by author Victoria Lindrea, called Tolkien's works children's books due to their emphasis on fantasy (Lindrea, "How Tolkien triumphed over the critics"). Later on, the fantasy-like nature and sophisticated writing style attracted the attention of adults as well, and this trumped the earlier criticisms of Tolkien's work being for children only.

The detail Tolkien puts into the imagery, when describing Middle Earth and the plot, paints vivid pictures of intense battle scenes, amazing feats of magic performed by mythological creatures, and so much more.

In addition, the attention that Tolkien pays to character development ensures that readers fall in love with the characters. For example, Gandalf is a constant favorite due to his identity as a wise, comedic wizard with astute skills and wisdom, and his ability to constantly come to the aid of his friends in times of peril. Also, Tolkien's ability to depict the plot through his fastidious diction and syntax helps illuminate the scenes more vibrantly in the readers' minds. For example, when Tolkien describes Lothlórien, the readers are able to envision a paradise-like forest with golden trees and an unearthly, beautiful light emanating throughout the entire area and keeping evil out. Therefore, the impeccable diction and syntax, and the careful detail Tolkien pays to each of the characters and plot points work together to create the enchanting and extraordinary world of Middle Earth, which readers love so much,