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Hobbit Essay The Hobbit, which was written by JRR Tolkein, tells the story of a comfortable, peaceable creature named Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo, like most hobbits, is similar to a human, but about half the size and not nearly as loud. Bilbo gets caught up in affairs much greater than his own hobbit-life when, at the recommendation of a mysterious old wizard named Gandalf, he is hired as a "burglar" by a group of dwarves. These dwarves are going to the Lonely Mountain in the East to reclaim their family's treasure from the great dragon Smaug. Along the way, the company gets into trouble with goblins, spiders, and other malevolent creatures, and they often escape only because of the assistance of Gandalf and other good creatures they meet. Bilbo proves himself essential to the quest, saving the dwarves on many occasions. His success is partly due to a magic ring that he takes from a strange, dark creature named Gollum.

Bilbo even manages to discover Smaug's weak spot, which allows the dragon to be killed and the treasure freed. Thorin's unwillingness to share the treasure almost leads to war between the dwarves and the elves and humans, but instead war is forced upon all of them by the goblins and wargs (wild wolves). All the good races are thus forced to unite against their common enemies. They succeed in defeating the evil creatures, but at the cost of the life of Thorin and many others. After the battle, the good races (elves, dwarves and humans) enjoy the treasure in peace rather than fighting over it. Bilbo, happy to have played a part in great affairs, returns to his quiet home at Bag End. Because of his unhobbit-like adventures, he is never really accepted back into the community of Hobbiton. Bilbo was a hero.

Bilbo had magical help during his adventures. Firstly, he found a special ring. This ring, when put on, made the person invisible until the ring was taken off. "…It slipped on his finger…they could see no sign of him…he had vanished." (Pg. 92) The ring made Bilbo invisible so he could escape from the goblins many times. It also helped him sneak in and out of places to steal items. Secondly, Bilbo was given the Elvish sword. It glared when evil was near. "It shone pale and dim before his eyes…goblins are not very near, and yet not far enough." (Pg. 75) The Elvish sword was a special sword because it had killed many forms of evil throughout many years. It had its reputation as a sword that was feared by all evil. Thirdly, Gandalf, the wizard, gave Bilbo magical help. He helped Bilbo and the dwarves escape from the goblins while they were in the cave with them. Gandalf used his magical wand and struck down the great goblin leader of the cave. "Then Gandalf lit up his wand…now it was bright as blue flame for delight in the killing of the great lord of the cave."(Pg. 72) He then led Bilbo and the dwarves to safety. Therefore, Bilbo needed magical help to complete his quest.

Bilbo was on a quest. In the first place, the novel was cyclical. Bilbo started off in his hobbit hole, being a normal hobbit smoking his pipe. In the end of the novel Bilbo was back from his adventure and in his hobbit hole once again doing all the things hobbits usually do. In addition, Bilbo gained qualities and developed personal growth. Bilbo became a leader throughout the novel. He led the dwarves to the treasure after many hardships with goblins, wargs and trolls. At the start of the journey, Bilbo was a follower and by the end of his long weary journey he was the leading the dwarves home. Also, it was an adventure. Their goal was to get the treasure Thorin's father had left behind. Their goal was hard to achieve because of Smaug guarding the treasures at the top of the mountains. It was also a long journey to the mountains, travelling through places where they have never been and only heard of. In conclusion, Bilbo had a long journey and learned a lot of new things, but was glad to be back home in his hobbit hole.

Bilbo had special characteristics. First, Bilbo was fast for a hobbit. Bilbo outran the goblins when he was being chased in the tunnels in the mountain. Bilbo was quick enough to escape from them and to get to safety without getting injured. Bilbo's stealth-like speed helped him get out of some terrible situations. He used his quickness to his advantage to escape from evil and to steal. Second, Bilbo had luck. Bilbo stumbled across a magical ring while he was going through the Goblins tunnels. This ring helped him throughout the novel to get to the treasure. If it wasn't for the ring, and then Bilbo and the dwarves would have probably not has made it home from their quest. The ring had special powers to turn anyone invisible. Third, Bilbo showed a great deal of leadership. Bilbo led the dwarves to the treasure with hardly any help from Gandalf. He became strong and independent. He knew there had to be a leader of the group, so he took the job. He was a silent leader, but a good one. He led the dwarves home safely from a very long weary quest. In summation, Bilbo learned a lot while he was on his quest.

In the Hobbit, which was written by JRR Tolkein, Bilbo had magical help. He found a ring that turned him invisible. He was given an Elvish sword that glowed when it was near evil and Bilbo had Gandalf to look up to. He helped Bilbo kill the great goblin leader. Bilbo was also on a quest. The novel was cyclical. It started and ended in the same place in the hobbit hole. Bilbo gained personal growth. He became more of a leader as the story progressed. Bilbo was on an adventure. Their goal was to get the treasure and bring it back home. Bilbo also had some special characteristics. He was fast, which helped him escape from evil. He was lucky, which helped him to find the magical ring and Bilbo had leadership skills. He led the dwarves to and from the treasure. To conclude, Bilbo was a hero.