The Hobbit

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Characters: Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who is short, very smart, likes to keep things clean, and likes to be organized.

Gandalf is a wizard, who is also smart, he knows a lot of tales, and knows a lot about the history of his town.

The Dwarves are all short, fat, and they are very adventurous Plot: The wizard Gandalf takes homeless dwarves to Bilbo Baggins' hobbit hole, hoping he will let them stay there for a couple of days. Bilbo lets them stay and finds out about a mission that the dwarves are going on. Bilbo asks if he can go with them and they said only if he would be the burglar. Bilbo agreed. The mission was to try and kill the dragon and take all the treasure. They want to kill the dragon because he killed all the people that lived in that town a long time ago.

That night, Gandalf gave Bilbo a ring that makes him disappear when he puts it on. They started the next morning. They had to go through a huge forest. No one really knew how big the forest was. Inside the forest it was very dark. You could barely see ten feet in front of you, and at night it was pitch black.

After a couple of days in the forest, the group ran out of food and water. They began to starve. There was a stream in the path. Everyone wanted to drink some of the water, but Gandalf told everyone not to because it could be polluted. They had to find a way to cross. There was a boat on the other side, so they threw a rope and hooked it. They all crossed. They saw a deer on the path and shot at it with their arrows. Everyone missed and they ran out of arrows. The next night they saw a campfire with lots of little wood elvs. When they went up to get some food, all the lights went out and they all got separated. All the dwarves got captured by the giant spiders that live in the forest. They didn't get Bilbo because he had his ring on. All the spiders were going to eat the dwarves, but Bilbo rescued them by killing all the spiders. All the dwarves were poisoned by the giant spiders. They all fell sick because of starvation and the poisons. No one knew if they would even get out of the forest.

The next day the group was captured by the King's elvs. The king owned the forest. He wanted to know why the dwarves were in his forest, but no one would tell. So the king put them in jail cells. Bilbo was invisible the whole time so he was not in a cell. He had to find a way to get them out. He walked around the king's house and noticed that every night, the king's workers pushed barrels into the stream. Bilbo took the keys from the king and let all the dwarves out. They got into the barrels and waited to be pushed to freedom. Once free, they got out of the barrels and went into a town.

One of the dwarves told the king of the town that he was the son of another king and the dwarves needed food. The king got food for them and a house they could stay in. All the dwarves were being nursed back to health. The king gave them horses and lots of food for their trip up the mountain. They could now go fight the dragon. Bilbo found a secret passageway to the dragons cave. Bilbo took a golden cup when the dragon was asleep. When the dragon woke up he noticed the cup was missing. He got really mad. The dragon ate all the horses. He began to fly around and the dwarves and Bilbo took all the treasure. King Bard shot him down and killed him.

Bilbo was happy the mission was over and that he got to go home. He said his good byes and went home. When he got there, lots of people were at his hobbit hole. Since Bilbo was gone so long, they pronounced him dead. When Bilbo got home, they were auctioning off all his possessions. Bilbo convinced everyone he was still alive and he had to buy back a lot of his belongings. A lot of his spoons were missing mysteriously though, but he was glad to be home.