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The Hobbit Bilbo Beggans changed drastically through the story. From his little prefect hobbit hole, to the end of the story after going on an adventure, Bilbo underwent some pretty noticeable changes. The most noticeable change of all was the state of his mind. At first, Bilbo was on a more conservative side. Always making sure everything was perfect and to his satisfaction is what Bilbo spent almost all of his time doing. Mr. Beggans had got this from his father's side. The Beggans family was very quiet and steady, even though they were rich enough to do anything they wanted. On the other hand, Bilbos mother's side had much more adventure in them. Being richer this side of the family could go on adventures, coming and leaving as they pleased. I guess this is how little Bilbo got convinced to go on such an adventure. Having this adventurous side from the start, made Bilbo curious but afraid as well. As the story progressed, Bilbo was getting braver and braver. Every time he was asked to do something less fear was left in him. Task after task also, Bilbo began to think more on his own. Making decisions for himself became a regular thing because he had gotten lost so many times. By just adventuring out Bilbo became much more knowledgeable. Every thing the company encountered was a new thing to Bilbo and he had to interact and react to them as well. By the end of the adventure, Bilbo had pretty much learned how to cope and react to just about everything in the outside world. Having this knowledge would only make him better off for the next little "hike through danger" he decides to take. Throughout the book, Hobbit, Bilbo basically changed from a conservative little wimp, to an out doors kind of tuff guy. This change was for the better and if Mr. Bilbo Beggans were to go on another adventure, he would be very professional about it and he would make it through perfectly fine.