the hobbit; book analysis

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Reading for Meaning


Suggest two reasons why the spiders didn't hear or see Bilbo coming. They couldn't hear him because hobbits are really good at being quiet and walking soundlessly and they couldn't see him because he had the ring on.

Why were the spiders to be especially feared by Bilbo? Bilbo was scared of the spiders because they could easily poison and kill him and they were bigger than him.

Did you think the dwarves were in a particularly bad situation? Why? Yes, because they were all tied up in spider webs and almost dying so if it weren't for Bilbo, they could've all been eaten.

Bombur 'kicked the spider straight and hard.' How did Bombur's action almost bring out his immediate death? Because obviously, his kick wasn't going to be strong enough to kill the spider, all he did was make the spider even angrier and come after him.

'Bilbo saw that the moment had come when he must do something." Why did Bilbo see the need for immediate action? Because if he hadn't done something at that very moment, the spiders could've eaten all the dwarves, as the spiders were arguing what to do with them after they die and how to eat them at this exact moment.

What clues can you find about Bilbo's past to suggest that Bilbo had a good chance of being successful with his stone throwing? It said that he used to practice stone throwing as a child and he used to be quite good at it. And as an adult, he did dart throwing, shooting and many other games centered on aiming.

i) What word suggests the sound of the spider being hit on the head by the stone? Plunk. Can you make up...