"The Hobbit": A Dragon's Curse

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"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit" (P.1). This is how J.R.R. Tolkien starts his world renown book "The Hobbit", published in 1966. This book is a tale of a small hobbit named Bilbo and his ever-memorable journey through the evil world during his time. Living in the Shire, as his homeland is called, it is very calm and pleasant for Bilbo, but once the outer limits of the land are reached Bilbo is in for a great surprise. Needing a burglar on his journey Gandalf the Grey, who is famous for his magic with fire and light, came to ask for Bilbo's assistance. Gandalf was accompanied with thirteen dwarves who were after their long ago taken, but never forgotten treasure. The last evil dragon, Smaug, who overtook the dwarf kingdom of Lonely Mountain many years ago, took this desired treasure. Bilbo wanted not to go, but with his, along with all other hobbits, ability to escape quietly, quickly and easily in the woods and mountains, Bilbo was a perfect burglar for the journey.

The adventurous group of now fifteen set off to find trolls, orcs, goblins, wargs (evil talking wolves), aggressive elves, giant spiders, dragons and numberless natural disasters including wind, snow, rain and scorching heat, None of these obstacles came to be the one most powerful and dangerous enemy to Bilbo and the others, though. This ever powerful enemy was the greed and lust for the horde of gold and silver and precious jewels that lured the dwarves to pursue it no matter what the cost.

Bilbo was a bit taken off guard and didn't really understand his purpose on this adventure so he demanded some explanations. With the dwarves was Thorin son of Thrain King under the Mountain, as he was known. Thorin...