The Hobbit, summary

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This book is about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins.He is used to eating and relaxing in a comfy hobbit hole, but what he doesn't know is that he is about to be taken a wonderful ,scary adventure! It starts when Gandalf the wizard comes to Bilbo's door with many dwarfs. Though Bilbo refuses the trip Gandalf wont accept because he knows Bilbo is the one.They are on a quest to steal the a treasure hidden by an awful dragon . Many strange events start at the beginning of the trip.First, they lose most of their belongings in a strong river. They spend the night in the woods with no food, no clothing, and they are very unhappy. They spot some trolls and decide to pickpocket them, but that is a bad idea. They escape eventually. Second, bilbo gets stuck in a cold cave with Gollum a slimy creature who plays riddles with him so he can win and eat Bilbo. Bilbo Steals Gollums precious, his ring which makes you invisible. Bilbo escapes though.This is only the beginning, of this exciting story you must read. You will read about Bilbo's adventure with wolves, trolls, and finally how they try to conquer the treasure from the evil dragon. I highly recommend this book.Though this book is very long it's worth it!