Holden purchase. A description of my buying decission process when purchasing a holden astra

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The Holden Astra

With a bumper sticker saying, "I'd rather push my Ford than drive a Holden", the 1988 Holden Astra came bearing down Albany highway, making a solid 110 km/h. Suddenly, and for no good reason the breaks were slammed and the hand break was pulled, wrapping the car nicely around a pole. The driver, none other than Obi, was drunk, and the owner of the car, which was me, was on holiday in Pakistan.

My trusted car, which I had become so desperately dependent upon, was gone forever.

How involved were I in the decision process, and how did marketers influence me in the different stages of the decision process, when buying the car?

Buying a car is not a small deal. It constitutes a significant departure of a persons money, at least this is the reality for most people. This again will make us more involved, as it is not a routine purchase and there is significant difference between cars.

When buying a car, the purchaser wants to know that he receives a good product, because the purchaser is spending a significant amount of money on a product which is infrequently purchased, he or she perceives the purchase as a high risk and will feel the need to gather as much information about the product as possible, to support the decision they are about to make. This buying decision behavior is called, complex buying behavior. As for me, it was no different. The Holden Astra I purchased cost me a whopping $1400, which is a lot for any student. This made me very involved with the purchase and all the aspects of it which again shows all the signs of complex buying behavior.

According to (P Kotler, S Adam, L Brown, G Armstrong, 2003) the...