Holding the office of president of the US should not be limited to only native born citizens.

Essay by vitalikjokerHigh School, 10th grade November 2005

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I think that as the constitution said that to become a president of the United States you need to be a native born citizen, 35 years of age and live in the United States. I think its right for many reasons for one I thing the country would feel a lot better if there country leader would be from the same county rather then from some other place. I also feel that is an immigrant would become a president he would change a lot of things maybe make some things as if they were in his own country such as many segregations. Also United States citizens are for limited government and most other countries out there, there government controls most of there rights and things that they do. Also immigrants from other countries would try to change the government and make things easier for people like them to live here not to mention make some benefits for them self.

I also think that people would try to have more power if they would have that chance. So I think the way the system works now is best for one it suites everyone and two it's the way the people are brought up already they are used to it.