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Where is Mumbai located? (space)

Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra, India.

How has the former environment of swamps and marshes been changed to accommodate slum neighbourhoods?

The former environments of swamps and marshes have been covered up to accommodate the establishment of slums on top of them.

Describe the living conditions in the place you see in the photograph. Compare this with your current living conditions.

The first thing you notice is the home of a resident which looks like it has been made out of scrap and recycled material. The garbage overflowing from the bins onto the streets is the next thing you notice. There is also a wild, untamed dog on the street. There are also no visible roads. Another thing to note is that almost all the people on the photograph are wearing the same coloured clothes displaying the poor wages.

In what ways would living in this type of environment possible impact on people's wellbeing?

The pollution caused by the overflowing garbage can create toxic fumes that may harm the residents health. The cramped spaces with high population density means there is more demand for resources which can mean a rapid rate of shortage or lack of resources and in turn, it can affect the resident's wellbeing.

What would be the main forms of transport in the slum? (interconnection)

The main form of transport would include walking. As well as, in rarity, cars, buses, public transport, taxis, etc.

List the types of urban infrastructure that are evident (you can see) and not evident in this image. (place)

Can see:




Not evident:





-living establishments other than houses such as tents

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of running small scale industries such...