A Hole In My Heart

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Greg Booth

Mrs. Lewis

Composition 4A

17 September 2003

A Hole in My Heart

Cats make a wonderful pet. They are soft, tame, and can be potty-trained fairly easy. My cat recently passed away. Her name was Simon. Simon was a Siamese cat with pretty blue eyes. She had a coat of fur that was as soft as a pillow. I loved my cat and wish that she was still alive today.

Simon was not like most cats. She was very energetic and playful. She was always there to brighten up a sad day; or even a boring one. Whenever I called for her, Simon would always be close by. Everyday, I would call for her when I got home from school, and every time she would be right beside me in a matter of seconds. Often, I would fall asleep in my bed and wake up the next morning while she was sleeping by my feet.

My life turned upside-down last year. I came home from school and walked outside to see my favorite cat. It was a cold and windy day. I called for Simon. She did not come to me. I became worried that something was wrong. I looked for my cat for an hour and still did not find any trace of her. I went inside and waited for someone else to come home. My step-dad, Jeff, came home from work and walked out to our shed to see our dog.

"Oh no!" he shouted. "No, it can't be."

I came outside to see what had happened and saw Jeff in tears. I knew something bad had happened, and then thought that maybe it had to do with my missing cat. I walked out to the shed and saw Jeff bent over holding something in his...