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Holes is a fiction book that was written by Louis Sharr. The setting takes place in Camp GreenLake.The main character is Stanley Yelnats. He is a boy who is big boned and is not popular with the other kids because he is a loner. The piont of view in this story is in third person.This is a non-fiction book.

IN the begining of the story stanley gets accused of stealing a running stars shoes so his parents have a choice of sending him either to juvenille center or to Camp Green Lake. His family cooses Camp Green Lake.THe plot in this story is that stanley hate ccamp green lkake and he wants to go home but they wont let him untill he finishes his senteence.the main event in this story are 1. he goes to camp green lake 2.he meets zero 3. he runs away 4.he

gets rescued and leaves camp green lake the climax of this story is when stanley and zero are cimbing up god thumb mountain and stanley has to hold zero on his shoulders. the realoution is that they get to go hoime and zero gets adopted by stanleys parents.

the theme is that alwas help one anothwer like stanley helps Zero up the moutain.

THe things i like about this book are that it kept me readin and i couldnt out the book down ionce i picked it up.Yes i would recommend this book to someone else because its a really good book and it has a purpose to readin it.