Holes By Louis Sachar

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The book Holes by Louis Sachar takes place in Camp Green Lake in Texas and in present time.

Stanley Yelnats believes that his family has a curse on them by an old Egyptian named Madame Zeroni. Stanley is a quiet kid who keeps to himself but is picked on by bullies at school for being overweight. He met his friend Hector Zeroni, also known as Zero, at Camp Green Lake. Everyone believes that Zero is just another stupid kid who doesn't like to talk. But he is very smart and learns fast and doesn't like to answer questions. The boys came to Camp Green Lake to build character digging holes (because of their bad behavior) for the Warden, Ms. Walker, who is selfish and has a bad temper.

Stanley was sent to Camp Green Lake because he was in trouble with the law. He was given a choice: Camp Green Lake or Juvenile Hall.

Stanley thought it was just going to be another camp, but he was wrong. The Warden makes them dig mysterious holes because she is trying to find something. When Stanley and his new friend, Zero, discover something they find that it turns out to be more than what it seems. They are in for a lot more than they expected.

I think the point or points were that bad things happen to everyone, you just need to never give up. Also, if you believe in something stick towards it and don't let anyone tell you anything different.

My favorite part in the book was that Stanley had enough strength after walking all day to carry his friend up the steep mountain. I also like the part where Stanley had the courage to drive the truck and go after his friend. But the best part I think is when Zero and Stanley found something very important and stood up to the Warden.