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MY HOLIDAYS Well it's back to school time for us once again and I'm going into the most important part of our schooling lives, V.C.E. Although I am worried about how I am going to cope with all my extra schoolwork now and coping with my job and Village Cinemas I am really exited about finishing school.

All holidays I have enjoyed the fact school was over for another year. I spent three weeks on and off at Victoria Park Caravan Park in the seaside town of Queenscliff. The park had changed a lot since I was there just over a year ago. There had been a change in ownership, which resulted in some good things and a lot, and I mean a lot of bad decisions.

It all started when we learned that on top of all the site fees there would be an extra optional fifty dollars to use the new toilets that needed a key to get in and out.

And because my family decided not to spend fifty dollars on a key to use the toilets we had to walk up to the top of the hill to use the toilet and have a shower. That really was a pain in the bum.

But lets talk about pains in the bum. All kids had a curfew of 11.00pm or their family will be evicted from the park without a refund. With this rule my friends and I decided not loiter around the Caravan Park, but go to a late night coffee house which closed at midnight. This place was called "˜THEOS'. There we could play pool, play the playstation 2, eat jaffles and have a quiet soft drink while listening to there own band made up of the people whom volunteered there time and services to looking after the kids as well as looking after the old spooky residence where it was located.

Through the entire holidays I have had only roughly one and a half weeks off from my work commitments at Village Cinemas. I have been working there for ten months now and I work in the Candy bar, Floor (which is from cleaning the cinemas between sessions to cleaning the toilets while the sessions are in). Once and a while I do auditorium selling, which is going from cinema to cinema selling choc tops. My current record is forty-three.

I worked over one hundred hours over the holidays, which resulted in me having money. Which is always very surprising.

Well my holidays were fairly ordinary but there were some upsides to it. I got to hang around with my mates from school and cricket. My friend Matt Featherston and I both camp with our families at Queenscliff Caravan Park. We both enjoy our cricket so there was some tough one on one match out the oval. Although I don't win that often its always a good laugh to play cricket with him.

I have made a lot of friends at the caravan park in Queenscliff from people from Geelong to Melbourne even Ballarat. Every year we come together and have a lot of fun. We do have some fights and squabbles but in the end we all leave with a lot of fun memories and just simply great times.

After arriving home from Queenscliff on the fourteenth of January I saw a lot of movies at Village Cinemas. Because I work there it doesn't cost me anything to see a movie. Most of the movies that have come out lately have been very ordinary but two really stood out. Although it's designed as a kid's movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Monsters Inc. that I truly enjoy. Apart from that most of the movies have been lacking something small. I think it was a good storyline. But I did enjoy those two movies.

Well that's my Christmas holidays from the years 2001/2002. I did enjoy some parts but they could have been better. I hope everyone enjoyed there holidays and had safe ones as well.