Hollywood’s Effect on Society

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Whether we know it or not, the media has ways of controlling society. While it is almost impossible not to be exposed to the media every day, the media has the ability to alter society's ways of thinking. In movies and in television, the vast amount of violence has altered people's reactions to violence. Movies and television have become more violent that society has no reaction to violence when they are watching television. Peoples' lack of reaction is then carried over to real situations in society. Violence in the media allows violence in society to seem less detrimental, because society has become so accustomed to violence.

Violence has found its way into many different types of movies. These movies include: horror movies, action movies, adventure movies, and also movies based on historical events. Many horror movies, such as Scream or Friday the 13th, are based primarily on one serial killer who walks around murdering innocent people.

Action and adventure movies, such as Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys, consist of fighting, shooting, and car chasing. Historical movies, such as Pearl Harbor or Schindler's List, take pride in being as graphic as possible while showing people suffering or people blowing up. All of these movies contain heinous crimes such as graphic images of torture, murder, or rape. All of these activities have become common in many different types of movies.

The movies that are most harmful to society are the fictional movies, such as Independence Day, Terminator, and Air Force One. These movies are so harmful because they reach such a broad audience, thus exposing graphic violence to almost anyone. In Patrick Goldstein's essay, "The Time to get Serious Has Come," he said that "Hollywood has metamorphosed into a soulless popcorn machine, creating mindless dreck designed to pay off at every stop...