The Holocaust

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The years 1933 through 1945 are most commonly referred to as the Holocaust, which was the destruction of some six million Jews by the Nazis and their followers in Europe. ?The general meaning of Holocaust is the great or total destruction of life.? Anther word for Holocaust is genocide, which is the systematic killing intended to destroy a whole national or ethnic group. ?Final solution? was the name of the Nazi?s plan of genocide. Adolf Hitler wanted to create the race of Aryans, which were persons of northern European racial background. Jews were put into detention centers known as concentration camps. These camps were designated to hold the enemies of the Nazis and even though not meaning to be, became killing centers.

All of this started in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. He took over the position of chancellor, which was the most powerful governmental position in Germany.

Many people in Germany were hungry and unemployed; Germany was in the midst of a depression. Hitler blamed all the problems of Germany on the Jews. Hitler gave emotional speeches where he stated that the Jews of Germany conspired to destroy the country so they could profit. Jews were not the only group hated by the Nazi?s. Gypsies, Jehovah?s Witnesses, Homosexuals, communists, people with physical or mental disabilities and anyone who tried to help Jews were murdered in Hitler?s Final Solution. ?September 1939 Hitler signed an order stating that any people considered ?unfit to live? would be killed. This mainly included old people or people with physical limitations.? Nazi?s regarded Arabs, Africans, Slavs and Orientals in general as untermenschen or subhuman. They had special hatred for the Jews. ?One Nazi wrote, ?The Jew?s features resemble man but intellectually, spiritually, he is lower than an animal.?? 1942: millions of...