The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a time period where Jews were treated like trash. Germany acts like they were garbage and called them different names. For example, one name would be "dirty Jew". What holocaust meant was that it was a sacrifice or loss of many lives.

At that time a lot of Jewish people suffered so much that it makes me feel sad also. Of course the Germans didn't care one bit of them. All they cared was following Hitler's plan and to destroy everybody's life. Hitler is a man who was selfish, and uncaring. That is my opinion of him, but other people might think different.

In language arts and social studies, my class and I have learned about the holocaust. In language arts, we are reading the play of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a young girl who her and her family had to go into hiding because they didn't want to be sent to the concentration camps.

She also has suffered in hiding. It was no normal thing, like when you are at home. It was different for her. They were going to stay in hiding until the war was over, but that didn't happen. Lastly, in social studies we just started on WWII, and we learned about Hitler and how this war started.

At first I thought learning about the holocaust was boring, but then I got very interested in it. I can't imagine how it must have been for the Jews. All the hurt and pain they went threw. Though one day a survivor came and spoke to the whole eighth grade about the holocaust and also talked about his life. A few things he had told us were that the Nazis made soap out of people. They shaved all the women's hair off. They...