The Holocaust

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Hitler's Evil Plan - The Holocaust

Before Hitler started his horrorifing parade to slaughter all of the Jews in Europe, every last one of them, they were already being blamed for unexplainable things and things that made the economy even worse than it was. For example, they were accused of starting the deadly plagued that wiped out half of Europe's population.

My heart goes out to these people that had to go there this unspeakable act there are no words in the English language to explain what the Jews actually went through. And how hard it was to be taken from your family, robbed of everything you owned and to be taken to a concentration camp were you were either immediately put to death or worked to death. In a way Jews and people of African decent went through the same thing. They were taken from their home, torn away from their families, beaten to death or worked to death.

They were both treated like animals that were worth nothing. They were either put on this earth to have their life controlled by some else that thought they were better than them (Africans) or weren't suppose to be on this earth at all so they had they had to be terminated (Jews).