The Holocaust

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In the 1930's and 40's European Jews suffered through horrible injustices at the hands of the Nazi party in Germany, more specifically Adolf Hitler. This long strain of torture and extermination affected not only the Jews, but also gypsies, the homeless, homosexuals, the mentally challenged, and anyone else that did not fit into Hitler's view of his perfect society. His choice of groups to be exterminated said a lot about Hitler's own insecurities. Jews were the most persecuted in that time, however Hitler's own father was half Jewish. His grandmother would never admit who his grandfather truly was, but it was known by many that he was a wealthy Jewish landowner. Also among the persecuted were homosexuals and it is a well-supported theory that Hitler himself was either bisexual or gay. Homeless and unemployed people were among the first to be sent to concentration camps, and when he was young Hitler was not only unemployed, but lived in a string of rooming houses and often slept on the street when he could not pay his rent.

Of all the groups that suffered under Hitler's National Socialist (or Nazi) Party, the Jews probably had it the worst. After Hitler became Germany's dictator the lives of all German Jews changed forever. Later the same suffering would affect the Jewish people of many nations, including Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. Beginning in1933, long before World War II began, Jewish people were forced to move from their homes into approved Jewish ghettos. Jewish people could not edit newspapers, own land, participate in the arts, serve in the military, have national health insurance, teach, or work in almost any field that would put them in a position of authority or influence. This was only the beginning of the terror Hitler inflicted. Later the Jewish...