The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a terrible time when Hitler tried to get rid of all the Jews. The Holocaust occurred during and before World War II. Adolf Hitler tried to kill all of the Jews because he believed that it was their fault that Germany was losing the war. The facts that Jews didn't fight because of the religious values led Hitler to come to his assumption. Hitler tried many different ways to eliminate the Jews. I will discuss some of these ways and how the holocaust relates to the genocide that is currently occurring in Darfur, Sudan.

To state the textbook definition the Holocaust was a mass slaughter of Jews and other civilians, carried out by the Nazi government of Germany before and during World War II. Hitler had no reason for killing all of those people. The reason he had for killing them was that they were not fighting in the war and they were not "true Aryans."

"True Aryans" had blonde hair and blue eyes in his opinion; but he himself had black hair.

As I said before, Hitler used many different ways of killing the Jews. He shot them, starved them, poisoned them, and even buried them alive. Adolf ordered Jews that were in his countries to be taken to select cities in Poland where they were gathered into over crowded areas call ghettos. Ghettos were referred to as segregated Jewish areas. Then Hitler came up with the "Final Solution." In this solution, he took the Jews to concentration camps where there were gas chambers that the Jews were poisoned in.

There is a similar conflict in Darfur, Sudan. The Janjaweed are targeting the non-baggara tribes of the region. Publicly the government denies that it supports the Janjaweed but behind the scenes the government has...