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Anti-Semitism has been a problem for the Jews ever since the seventeenth century. The Christians, while trying to convert the Jews to Christianity, took strong measures against the Jews. They burned the Talmud, a book of civil and religious laws, and torched other holy writings. Jews have always been considered lower class and were classed as dirty. The Holocaust of World War two emphasizes the mistreatment and brutality towards Jews more graphically than any other historical event.The Nazis began the terror by passing a series of laws that massively discriminated against the Jewish race. Jews were forced from jobs, barred them from certain professions, excluded them from attending universities, and were segregated from the rest of society. In addition, they had to have their passports stamped with a "J", were forced to wear a yellow "Star of David" as a form of identification, and were forced to carry special identification cards.

Jews weren't even allowed to use certain forms of transportation. The Jews were banned from trains, weren't allowed to own bicycles, and were forbidden to own or operate automobiles. Jews were also banned from a number of public buildings and events. Being excluded from drama theatres, movie cinemas, and public sports were among some of the other methods of discrimination and oppression used by the Nazis. As the Nazis took over eastern Europe, the Jews were forced to live in the most rundown, dirtiest part of the city, the "ghettos". Joseph Soski described what happened as the Nazis invaded Krohow, Poland (Strahinich, 1996) " Daily, they posted all over town, new decrees and orders in Polish and German. In the beginning those were for the whole population without exception. People had to turn in all weapons , radios, cameras etc. "The ghettos were guarded extremely well. Nazis,