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The Holocaust means a lot to many people today, and to an equal number of people very little. It shows we are still a young civilization in knowledge for the way we treat each other, whether it be for race or religion.

To some of us in society who are Jewish the Holocaust means the death of many of our people. It stands out as the most current opposing action against a religion, and to memory the worst to anyone. And from this comes the most notable phrase from the Jews, 'never again.' Meaning that they will never let themselves as a religion be tortured, and enslaved again, at least not if they can help it.

To many of us non Jews, whether it be Christian or Muslim or whatever, I think it is taken in a much more broader light. We see that the total destruction of a religion was at hand, but also see that it is not the first to come so close.

But rather the most current. It is a simple and bold reminder that some people are just not very smart, and for that same reason we must look out for all to be at peace with all.

To the few people who deny the occurance of the Holocaust and rather call it the Hocsacaust. The Holocaust just means exactly what is in the dictionary, 'great or total destruction especially by fire.' And by no means is the genocide of European Jews, and other groups by the Nazi Germany during WWII.

To me the Holocaust means the most current gigantic thing to happen to a group of people. In my opinion, not the last either. To those of you who say that there is no way this is going to happen again, I laugh at...