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Emma McIntyre Holocaust

History Essay

What Was The Holocaust's Effect On Jewish People?

The Holocaust was the systematic persecution of six million Jews during World War 2. Authorised by the Nazis, the Jewish people went through a time of suffering and sorrow, with people expelled from their homes from around 79 countries and placed into Ghettos. The placement within the Ghettos was a temporary process, where they were held captive in institutions before transporting them to either work to death in concentration camps. The conditions within the Ghettos were poor, with little food and cramped, disease-ridden conditions, making the stay for the Jewish population even more undesirable. The Jewish people suffered severely during the period of World War 2, with German civilians even risking their own lives to either hid them, give them false identities, or try and to get them out of Nazi controlled areas. With harsh punishments on those who tried to help the Jewish, when the Holocaust ended, people were hesitant to help Jews out of fear regarding the consequence.

Allied nations then mediated by providing land in Palestine for Jews to live within liberally. This choice as a direct result of the Holocaust, created territorial conflict, between indigenous Palestinians and Israel's, which has formed new focus on the Jewish society and the poor status thought of Jewish carried from the Holocaust. It is clear Jews began suffered priorsuffered prior to the Holocaust, during the Holocaust, and are still effected by aspects of the occurrences of the Holocaust today.

Jewish people initially started suffering pre-holocaust as Hitler's anti-Semitism spurred out of resentment for Germanys loss of World War One. Jewish civilians had been expelled from 79 countries, some countries more than the other. The Jewish people were deprived of their everyday necessities...