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Will You Let It Happen Again? No The holocaust was a tragic event that happened 1933 well... That is when it all started to form and it ended in 1945. At the beginning of the holocaust Hitler wanted to start an Aryan Race"¦ which meant he was going to try and create a race with only one type of human blood. German's were the only people in the Aryan Race they must have had blonde hair and blue eyes and full blood German to be part of the race"¦ they also had to kill Jewish and other minorities or they would not be accepted. So when Hitler decided to do this he also decided to make an army and concentration camps which later became death camps to kill the Jews and different races. Carl Fischer was in the Holocaust he explained that in the holocaust some of the guards were nice to some people, and that when ever some one escaped that they would be killed if trying and they would leave the bodies on the ground so that other prisoners would not escape.

I watched the movie "Escape From Sobbier" and in that movie it talked about how they planned to make an escape for the entire camp. They took out the guards one by one and some of the blacksmiths made knives and guns for them as they escaped. The Holocaust had killed eleven million people were killed and six million of the people killed were Jewish men, women, and children. Other minorities such as Polish, Gypsies, Colored, and others were also killed. Hitler at the end had killed himself, he had also killed his wife that they were married that day and Hitler committed suicide on him and his wife that day, but that was at the...