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During World War II, millions of Jews were sent to the concentration camps due to Hitler's anti-Semitic policy. They experienced a horrible life in the camps, such as starvation, disease, injury, beating, torture, and humiliation. Also, Death was everywhere. Death was upon their families, friends, and everyone in the camps. Jews had no control over their lives where death was reality. It was hard for me to imagine what really happened to Jews during that period of time. These days, I have gotten to know a lot about the Holocaust in many of my other classes and I am glad that I had an opportunity to visit one of the Holocaust museums. During my travel, I had a precious experience there.

General Description of the Museum and Personal Reaction

The Holocaust Museum that I visited is located in Farmington Hill, on the west side of Orchard Lake Road between 12 and 13 Mile Rd.

I went to the Holocaust Memorial Center on February 15th, 2006 with a few of my classmates. As we noticed that public tours are available daily at one p.m. for approximately two hours. We got there ten minutes before two o'clock. When I saw the museum for the first time, it looked very new as if it were built recently. The building is modern looking and was very artistic. As I walked through, I was impressed with its majesty and the crowds of many people in the center whom seemed to come from many different schools as a group. At the front desk, my friends and I were asked where each of us came from and what school we go to, as if it is part of their process before guiding people. We introduced ourselves and the purpose of the visit.

The tour consisted...