The Holocaust Overview

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Section 1 My book is about the Holocaust Overview. It started out in 1936 in Germany, were a sign that led into Germany stated Jews Strictly Forbidden in This Town. No Jewish person was welcomed in Germany, they were purposed as non-humans and they had no rights. After World War I ended the Germans were frustrated and they saw that the Jews were a easy target to blame for the fall of Germany. Anti-Semitism spread throughout Germany when Hitler became a leader, the Nazis went around and destroyed Jewish people and there property and they tried to get rid of Jews throughout Germany. When Hitler became a leader of Germany, Anti-Semitism was a way of life for most German people. Hitler ordered his Nazi party to destroy Jewish communities and take Jews as there workers. Hitler's planned was to rid Germany of Jews and then to rid Europe of Jews.

Section 2 When Hitler had his power he began his mission to eliminate Jews through Europe. On September 1,1939, Hitler surprised attacked Poland and easy took it over. Poland and other countries that Hitler has token over is where he put all the Jews. The Jews were sent there to build concentration camps and ghettos. The Concentration Camps where was the Jews were forced to work for German military men and to make military equipment. The Ghettos are where the Jews lived, there were at least 12 people in each house and the rooms were very small. The Jews got barely any food and if they did not satisfy the Germans they were shot on the spot or sent to other camps where they were killed.

Hitler also had a killing machine called the Einsatzgruppen, which went around the streets and its job was to collect the Jews. The Einsatzgruppen had built in gas chambers and the Jews were killed and dumped into the woods to be buried in big piles and then it went back into the streets again. The concentration camps also had gas chambers where the Jews were tricked into to get in and they were gassed to death. When all the land was filled up with bodies the Germans had ovens in which they would burned the dead and living bodies to make room for more concentration camps. When Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945; Hitler's Holocaust ended up killing at least 11 million people including 6 million Jews.