The Holy Land - Israel Vs. Palestine

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The Holy Land Imagine it's another normal Saturday night. You and your friends are hanging out, talking, and grabbing a bite to eat in the center of town. Suddenly you hear explosions, loud bangs from both sides of you. You look up from your conversation to see smoke everywhere along with people, faces and bodies bloody, running for their lives. You don't know what has happened or what to do. You're confused and scared as you run yourself away from the scene. This situation is what scores of young, Jewish teenagers faced this past weekend in Jerusalem, Israel as two Palestinian suicide bombers carried out a synchronized attack in Zion Square, killing at least 10 and injuring close to 150 others. About 20 minutes later, a car bomb set by the bombers detonated a block away, injuring another dozen. The civil war in Israel has raged on for hundreds of years between the Arab-Palestinian and Jewish-Israeli people living in the country.

The Palestinians feel they should be entitled to a separate, equal state. They express their arguments in ways such as this past Saturday's attack. I feel they deserve no such a thing.

The war in Israel is centered on a disagreement of land and areas where the Arabic people can live. The Arabs feel that they have been treated unjustly in the designations of land Israel has graciously bestowed upon them. The Arab population has used violence time and time again to foolishly show their disapproval of this gift. I believe the Arabs are greedy in their actions, and do not deserve half of what Israel has given to them.

History is one argument that Arabs cite as and argument to land belonging to them. However, the War of Independence fought in 1948 also was a part of history...