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Marcus McDuffie

WRT 121

Dr. Elizabeth Larsen

July 7, 2003

la sustantivo coloquial adverbio el ventana femenino

Present day. South Philly. 534 Johnston Street. Just go ahead and knock on the door. It is cool we will let you in.

Knock! Knock! A black man about six feet tall opens the door and says, "What's crackin' dogg."(You don't know what that means so you nod your head and ask for "Big Wolf" The man invites you in and calls for Big Wolf.

Big Wolf comes down the stairs wearing a football jersey and a pair of dark blue shorts. The logo on the shirt says 49ers, his favorite team. He too is about six feet tall, caramel complexion, tone, athletic build. He has dark brown eyes covered slightly buy glasses and a very big Afro on his head.

"Welcome to my crib, it's off tha chains fo show" Big Wolf says.

You take a look around. It' is very small. The living room, dinning room and kitchen are really one room. The carpet is an earthy brown. There is wood paneling on all the walls. A very polished wooden table is in the dining room. Somebody in this house is a carpenter. "Yes, it looks pretty nice" You reply. Very nice furniture, big screen TV, DVD player, VCR, stereo, new computer, it is very pleasant, in fact, so pleasant that you check the address, 534 Johnston street.

You start to think, "This doesn't sound like the place that Big Wolf said grew up in." and "Is this the right family?" Big Wolf knows what you are pondering. He says, "You have the right address and this is the same family, however that furniture was a fold up chair and a few pieces of wood, and that Big Screen...