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So many times parents tell their children of the memories made in their childhood home, and the same goes for my family with one small exception. My parents and I live in _________, an antebellum house that was built in 1808 and renovated by my grandmother's family in 1898. ________, is not only the childhood home of my mother, but of my grandmother, my grandmother's mother, and so on. My grand mother and her family, the ________, moved into the ________ house when she was 8 years old. When she was alive, she would tell us stories of how the house used to be, it was one of her wishes for the house to be restored to the way that she remembered it. The house in it's original state was the way that it looks today, for the most part, but in the 1850's sometime, the builder of _______, Colonel Jonothon Semple, added another wing onto the house for his son's family.

From what my grandmother said, this wing doubled the original size of the house. She told of an extremely large ballroom downstairs, with 14 foot ceilings, just like the rest of the house. It was said to be separated by an arch in the center of the room, with two "ballroom" doors that when closed, met below the center of the arch. These doors, now separate our living room and dining room, and as far as I know, are the only thing left from what was the addition to the house. The upstairs of the addition, as she called it, was four large bed rooms, with a hallway in between them. She said that there were 2 bed rooms on each side of the hallway, and at the end, which would be the front of the house, was...