Home Body

Essay by Keir February 2006

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In the dream, you just look at me.

Like I'd never said anything.

But your eyes...

'Don't do something foolish' you say

like that would change anything...

The nonsense of it...

And then

No warning

The ground shakes ice


slabs pull water


to bottom...

A blur.

The gravity of it.

You say it's because I didn't ask.

But how could I know?

The house ungrounded without you

would remain?


Eisenberg explained it to me.

'Looking fools proof'' he said.

Uncertainty is all there is.

Have pictures to prove it...

With no grounding

All connections

are digital now

and I don't mean fingers or hands.


There is no running home to you anymore.

Belief is an other story.

If you want to arrive, you have to leave, they say.

I kick

and up float

feet - mud clouds - and I -

in water only shoulder height...

Funny it's warm...

You warned me I'd find myself.

Home less...

I did.

So don't write my address down in ink.

I'm running...


A fool with pictures to prove homelessness is the fear of being...


In your body.

The sense of it all. A blur.

Look at you at home in your body there.

The fear of far from home behind you.

Funny. How warm that is.