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Who knows what is best for children's education? Usually the answer to that question would almost undoubtedly be the parent, but now there is a heated debate over way children are taught. Parents are starting to lose faith in public school systems and are beginning to teach children at home. Most educators will tell you that this is a foolish act. The value and validity of home schooling depends on several different factors.

There are many reasons why parents choose to home school their children. Some parents in rural and sparsely populated areas choose to home school due to the low availability of schools near where they live. With an increase in school violence, other parents decide to home school their children because they are concerned about their physical well-being. The most common reason why parents choose to home school their children is they want to regulate what their children learn, and they do not want their children to be indoctrinated by the ideologies of the public school system (Aiex).

A large portion of home school supporters are people who have been ill-treated by public education or are afraid of maltreatment. Many of these supports are religious individuals who observe public schools to be offensive towards their beliefs. Still some parents enroll their child in home schooling because they want to fairly represent different ideologies, which they believe are poorly portrayed in public schools (Wikipedia). These reasons are echoed by Newsweek authors Barbara Kantrowitz and Pat Wingert. They also give more reasons why parents home school. In their article they say that many children are home schooled because of physical disabilities or that parents want their children to have a chance to follow their own interest and avoid aspects like drugs, bullying, and sex (65).

Advocates of home schooling often...