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Home schooling has always been a way of life for me. I learned science living on

a farm and tramping through the woods. History I learned on a family vacation down the

east coast visiting grave yards, battle fields, or any other vacant field or road my dad

could find to talk about. He made it seem entertaining; until I fell asleep that is.

When I was around the age of eight and in the fourth grade, I took art at what I

called the "real school". My best friend Lauralyn was in that class and was the best part

of art class. The other children were mean and picked on me just because I was

Homeschooled. Lauralyn tried sticking up for me but I told her that they weren't worth it.

The other thing about home schooling is that the values of the students are

different from "real school" students.

I remember discussing with my friend Echo how

we are better than them, and the differences between home schooling and the public

school. I believe that my values are different thanks to home schooling. Things like the

values I have in my friends are different. I know a lot of "real school" people who are just

friends because they are in the same grade. My friends are chosen by what is inside, no

matter of age. They are true friends, not the kind of people that will say they are your

friend then not admit it to anyone else, and I love every one of them for that!

One of the other differences is that I have always been involved and responsible

for my own school work. I helped pick what I would learn, how I would study, and when

I would do the work. It was...