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Home schooling

Home schooling for the majority of people who are accustomed to school education is a radical term. It comes from an American social movement in the nineteen-sixties and nineteen-seventies. (VOA Special English Education Report, May 16, 2002)In recent years the number of young people who being home schooled in Europe and America has increased. There are also some individual home schooling cases in China. This essay will show you the benefits of home schooling and put forward three key reasons why the home schooling is essential and should not be banned. Firstly, home schooling can provide students with individualized teaching and it emphasizes the unique potential of every child. Secondly, many parents are not satisfied with the educational environment of school education. Finally, there are some children with special educational needs such as gifted children and children with disabilities, and the children who are far away from school. This essay will also consider a universal argument that many people think the children who accept home schooling will lack social experience and indicate the obvious problems with this view.

Firstly, Home schooling can help children develop good character and bring into play their potential and strengths. The traditional schools train the students almost in the same way, but home schooling does not, it can promote the development of their personality after learning the basic knowledge. For instance, Thomas Edison only had three months of his primary school, and his knowledge was mostly taught by his mother. In the end, he grew up to become a world-famous "King of the invention" owing to his mother's understanding and patience. In China, teachers always ignore the personality development of students because of college entrance examination, so home schooling can make up for this shortage in school education. Parents can give their children...