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Home Theater

Viewing a movie can be done at home or in a theater. There are similarities regardless of location, such as the company chosen to see the movie, and the movie itself. The differences experienced in watching a movie at home or in a theater are many. Some of those differences are the pause button at home, the cost differences, and the time opportunity viewing.

The first similarity mentioned are the people who will view the movie. One usually chooses friends and family with the same taste in movies. When this is done, the enjoyment is greater for all involved, since no one is left out or complaining. The other similarity is the movie itself.

The movie remains the same regardless of the viewing location. The movie normally consists of the same material at home, nothing added or cut, as when viewed at the theater. Many of the special effects that where once only available in theaters are now available in homes, such as surround sound and projector screens.

In addition to the similarities, there are many differences to consider. The ability to pause is an important difference.

One of the advantages to watching a movie at home is the pause button. At home, when one needs to get up for a snack, the pause is right there and keeps them from missing a portion of the movie. When at a theater, a part of the movie must be sacrificed for the snacks.

Another difference when viewing a movie is the cost. In the theater, it cost for each person seeing the movie, but watching a movie at home it cost once for the whole audience. When viewed at home, the movie can be watched numerous times at no additional expense. At the theater, the cost of viewing...