Homeland Security.

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Many people after September 11, 2001 may not feel safe anymore just because they live in the United States. They feel that our National Security is very poorly ran and that the government is not doing much to improve it. But, if you look at the different actions that the government took immediately following the attack, you wonder how much more secure can you be without violating our constitutional rights and freedoms.

From airports to water ways we have added security. When you go to these places you have everything checked and when you board you have air Marshals and coast guards aboard. How much more can you do before you violate peoples rights. Plus the government has added FBI counter-terrorist agents by 40%. If something is getting passed the CIA and FBI then there is nothing more you can do but fight back. Even there we are prepared with local citizens that volunteer to protect the cities.

Besides the fact that Bush is trying to strengthen Homeland Security even more by adding proposals to go through congress. He has asked for 60% more funding for the National Security budget. Also he has experts working one a plan for biochemical attacks, called BioShield. This program would quickly administer vaccines for different things like anthrax and plague. They even have a program that their working on that will track terrorists and terrorist activities then analyze the information in one location. They will be able to give all officials data about the suspected terrorists.

But, what people need to realize is that there is only so much you can prepare for and the rest we need to trust in the government that we elected. We can only hope that we picked the right people and they will do there...