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IntroductionThe homeless can be put into two categories, they can be a deviant group and they are a sub culture. Often people don't know what caused that person to be homeless and thing they are drug addicts or alcoholics.

Most cities such as Melbourne are embarrassed by the homeless people that when the 2006 Commonwealth Games was in Melbourne the Victorian Government put some of the homeless people in motels to stay in for the duration of the games.

The reason why I have chosen homeless for this report is because it could affect anyone around the world, anywhere and at anytime and it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor.

DevianceDeviance can be defined as norm- or rule-breaking behaviour, which is usually subject to negative social sanctions.

Deviants are the non-conformists who transgress a community's normative standards and are condemned by other, influential social groups. (Van Krieken p.511)Sub

cultureSub culture refers to people who don't conform to society and can be easily identified by the type of clothing they wear, how they act or how they look.

HomelessHistory of HomelessnessHomelessness has always been in society and is often portrayed as beggars in the streets and causing a nuisance in the streets. In the winter months, the homeless may be seen as a nuisance and economic loss because customers don't go into that store because the homeless people scare them and the homeless people are there just to be warm.

What is HomelessWhen we think of homeless people we often think of dirty men and women with their shopping trolley with all of their possessions often sleeping in the streets asking for money. A person is defined as being homeless when he/she lacks a fixed night time shelter.

Problems of poverty and crime around the world are found among...