Homeless to Harvard Movie Review

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Homeless to Harvard, written by Ronni Kern, directed by Peter Levin, and released in 2003, tells the compelling story of one woman's struggle to overcome tremendous personal obstacles. Golden Globe nominee Thora Birch stars in not only this motion picture but also many others, which include Ghost World and American Beauty. Birch plays the role of Liz Murray upon which this true story is based.

This film is rated TVPG and is suitable for all ages. The specials effects are incredible and the music fits perfectly. It feels like you know Liz Murray after you have watched this film. The director spared no amount of grit or grime in telling Murray's unfortunate life story.

Homeless to Harvard tells the moving story of a young woman raised in severe poverty by loving, yet drug-addicted parents. Liz's mother was a cumulative drug user and she had AIDS. There was no food in the house because Liz's mother had spent it all on drugs.

Liz was constantly trying to rectify her parent's situation. When her mother and father could not take care of her anymore she found her life going in a downward spiral. She was alone and living on the streets. Profoundly affected by her mother's AIDS-related death, Liz is forced to look at her future and make some significant changes. She is able to turn her onerous life around by getting off the streets and going back to high school. After earning her diploma in just two years, Liz wins a New York Times scholarship for indigent students enabling her to attend Harvard University.

Liz is an inspiration to all people who feel trapped in a world they fear they can never escape. She understood that education was the key to lifting herself out off her dire situation. Through her own...