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When people walk in downtown, they can find many homeless people there. You can see that some homeless people are begging money from the pedestrians or trying to find something from garbage. Homelessness is a serious phenomenon in society today, and it needs to be solved.

Homelessness causes many problems. First of all, homeless people affect the environment of community. Sometimes, the homeless beg money from pedestrians. They would scare some people. The homeless also bother businesses. In winter they hide in the lobby of some buildings in order to get warm, which would make some customers feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, homeless people may increase the rate of crimes. If homeless people don't have enough food to eat, they may steal food from supermarkets. In addition, violence may increase. Sometimes people could fight with the homeless because the homeless disturb them in order to ask money. Lastly, homeless people increase the burden on society.

There are many homeless people in the street. They don't have food to eat and house to live in. Society has to supply food for them. Also, society builds more shelters for the homeless so that they can live in warm places. These cost a lot of money.

Although homelessness can't be eliminated entirely, the following ways could address the problems. Firstly, it is necessary that government should help homeless people in many ways. Some homeless people are able-bodied and hardworking, though unskilled. Government should support programs that help the homeless to learn job skills. If they find jobs and get enough money, they will not become the homeless any more. At the same time, government should make some policies that help the homeless, such as a long-term society service. For example, there is a building in downtown in Calgary where the homeless may pick up food. The government hires some employees to make food for the homeless. Secondly, charity organizations play an important role in helping the homeless. Charity organizations encourage people to have pity on the homeless and donate money and food. Some shopping cars are put in some supermarkets so that people can donate some food after they go shopping. These organizations also hold some lectures to get more money. They can help the homeless by using this money. Finally, health region should assist homeless people. When people become the homeless, they are under great pressure whether financial or social. Some of them have mental problems. Health region should set up clinics and have programs where doctors can volunteer in these clinics. These clinics could help the homeless. On the other hand, some homeless people have bad habits such as drug. Health region should give some treatments to them so that the homeless could quit. If they quit some bad habits, they may begin a new life.

There are many solutions that may deal with the problems of homelessness. If the governments and associations have determination to solve these problems, the numbers of homeless people will not continue to go up.