Homelessness in America

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Vanessa FloerkeWestern International UniversityCom/112 Utilizing Information in College WritingAmy BeckerMay 5, 2006Homelessness in AmericaWhen the word "Homeless" comes to mind, what is thought of? What comes to the minds of most are bums, drug addicts, the mentally ill, drunks and criminals. The list goes on. The things that aren't thought about, however, are the children on the streets, displaced families, and America's veterans. But yet the only question that seems to present itself in American society is "How can we get them off of our streets?" instead of "How can we get them off of the streets?"Just getting these people off of the streets is a good start, but not the solution. This country needs to put equal focus on preventing homelessness as much as it does to help the homeless. America needs to take care of its homeless. This country needs to recognize the needs of the mentally ill, who should not be on the streets, to get the medical attention they desperately need.

No child should have to live on the streets, and yet there are too many children who must suffer this injustice to the American dream on a daily basis. America's heroes, the veterans, also suffer this indignity of street life. These proud young boys who went to war to serve and protect our country have now been cast aside like trash by an uncaring society. Some veterans have mental illness, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to physical illnesses like cancer, and some are missing limbs. This country needs to work on more low-income housing. More homes for the homeless, like Habitat for Humanity. This nation also needs more drug counseling and detoxification centers, to help those that are addicted to hard drugs like crack and heroin.

There are other factors that need to be...