Homeschooling is the choice for students.

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The alarm clock rings at eight in the morning for Michael to wake up to start his day. Yet, he turns and twists around, ended up pressing the snooze button about five or six more times. Now, you might assume that Michael will be late for school and miss the bus. Thankfully, his mother calmly wakes him up in time to have breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Then after breakfast his school day will begins. Nevertheless, the only difference is that he is not being rushed to finish his breakfast; there are no books for him to throw in his backpack, he isn't running half a block to catch his bus, and not even having to worry about getting a detention since this would be his third tardy. His mother, who guides him through his education, is home schooling Michael. There are likely millions of other children home schooled in the world today.

Believe it or not, students are actually facing many tribulations in public schools such as peer pressure, practices of unhealthy behaviors, and public schools are measured not challengeable enough for the student. The best and only alternative to deal with the problems in public schools today are home schooling.

While some students handle the pressure of school very well and have few problems during their school year, most may not fair so well. Peer pressure is considered very common to students because they all want to be in styles with pretty clothes and hairdo, so that others would not judge or laugh at them. Another challenging pressure students in public schools faces are the delinquency from others students that they can easily mimic, such as smoking, cheating, stealing, and also fighting. The problem with public education is that it is considered to be a...