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Many parents are choosing to educate their children at home because of security, morality and educational quality reasons. Public schools are worried about the accreditation of home schools and their loss of enrollment. Either way, authorities usually require school officials to cooperate with the parents of home schooling.

Home schooling is on the rise according to John Holt and Raymond Moore, two organizations who estimated the number of home schooled students. There are questions to how prevalent home schooling is? Many parents choose home schooling for the reason of security, morality, safety and educational quality. They feel public schools today put too much pressure on students because of drug abuse, crime and usually lack discipline and control because of this. Educators on the other hand fear, home schooling adds to the economic downfall of school districts. Many educators don't realize that home schooling families tend to go back and forth between public schooling and home schooling.

Home schooling, because of the dramatic increase, has become very controversial. Two major concerns of the issue are accreditation and money. Some superintendents are concerned that parents may not have the essential skills for good citizenship and further learning. Many officials fear that the many home school bound students will cause the state to give less money to public schools.

Proponents of home schooling have this to say. They say these children experience improved reading and other basic skills. This is because home schooled children only read what they like whereas public schools interrupt learning by checking and testing. Also public schools only give a short amount of time to silent reading. The flexibility, unity, and security of home schools are what enhance learning and growth.

There are many laws concerning home schooling although they vary from state to state. Many state require...