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As you all know we have been imposed by a new threat. A new teknologi is allowing consumers to do their shopping at home. From your TV you can see information about the produkt and order directly from your TV. It is inportant that I point out, that this is a BIG threat to uor future business.

It is my sole decisive that we ought to enter this market and be amoung the first to offer this sort of service. I have spoken to the management, and at this point they totally disagrre with me. Therefore they have giving me the responsability to make sure that our turnover is not suffering from this new initiative taking be our competitors. As we are going to enter this new market there are some prospects and some threats that we have to consider. If we want to maintain our currenct number of consumers, we have to offer something special.

We have to change the old way of shopping and make it more like " a day at the Mall". We have to offer all in one complex, not just a supermarket, but a town under one roof, supermarket, clothes, sportsartichles, food, day-care centre, toyshop etc. On top of that we have to arrange concerts, and other arrangements regarding to art, culture, food, fashion. We also have to arrange talks and lectures. In continuation of that I have invited Mr. Georgio Armani to give a lecture about his new collection. This arrangement will be held this staurday the 26th of december. We have to give the consumers an impression that they will not get anywere else. In other words we have to make shopping the secondary attraction to our malls, and the atmosphere the primary.

These are the things we have to improve, but there are also some things that we have to keep an eye on. What sort of new initiative is the home-shopping business offering? What are the things that attracts the consumers to that sort of shopping? Why do they prefer home-shopping? All these things we have to keep an eye on, all the time, if we are not over this, it will costs us dearly. Our product is going to have a price level approximately 50% higher then the home-shopping retailers, and therefore the consumers have to feel that they are getting something extra for that money. Another big threat is the queue at the cash registers, if the consumer is going to stand there for a long time, thay will consider it a waste of time, and do their shooping at home.

I still have the opinion that we ought to ride this wave, and introduce home-shopping, but as the management is not sharing my opinion we have to make the bedst of what we have. We are an endangered specie, and we have to stick together if we want to survive! I think this firm has the knowledgement, and experience that is needed for an assigment like this to succeed, and i am confident that uor turnover will stay steady.

Thank you!