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Hometown Heroes A hometown hero. A hometown hero is a person or a group who helps the community and volunteers. There are a few groups that I consider heroes, which are: the law enforcement, fire fighters, medical doctors, and teachers. I consider these groups as heroes because, they all help people in so many different ways. All of these people that I consider heroes; we need in our lives no matter what. For instance we need the law enforcement.

The reason why I consider law enforcement people heroes is because, there are a lot of crimes going on in life, and they put the stop to most of the crimes. Law enforcement people have a lot of responsibilities just like any other people. Law enforcement people always endanger themselves, by directing traffic so that there aren't any accidents. They are also heroes because when there are crimes, they always try and investigate.

Law enforcement always try to serve and protect the community. They also go beyond the call of duty, by helping people, and animals on their spare time. Law enforcement people mean a lot to me because, what will this world be like with no police to stop crimes. Our hometown would be really thrashed. Law enforcement people are always willing to help somebody out even though sometimes they don't feel like it. They are always on call when somebody or something needs help. Law enforcement also helps our environment to be a clean place.

Fire fighters are another that I consider heroes, because they help us protect our environment. Fire fighters are always on call because; what if there is a fire in the middle of the night. They have to go and fight the fires. Fire fighters help us protect our environment by stopping fires in the forest. People have fire fighters as heroes because; they can help you save your house from becoming ashes. I also consider fire fighters as heroes because they are always trying to save people that are trapped in a fire out from getting burnt alive. They also help us out by detecting why fires start. Fire fighters are important in our lives because, they are always there to stop people's valuables from getting burnt to pieces. Fire fighters know how a fire started.

Medical doctors are huge heroes to me. The reason for this is because medical doctors know what they are talking about, they know what is wrong with a patient, and they know what kind of medicine people need. Medical Doctors always know what they are doing. Medical doctors deliver babies for women; they know what kinds of shots and how much medicine people need when they are hurt or in pain. Medical doctors can fix you up when you have wounds. They know how to stitch you up. Medical doctors are also heroes to me because; they know things that people don't know. Medical doctors train for years to become what they are because out of the goodness of their hearts, they want to help people out. I also think medical doctors are heroes because, they save a lot of peoples lives like relatives and friends.

Teachers are also heroes to me, because they are willing to help people become successful in life. They help people out by giving the people the education they need. Teachers also help you prepare for collage and help you learn more about things in life. Teachers are heroes to me, because they are teaching us all of the things they know. Teachers want people to become successful in life because, now days it's getting harder to get a job. Teachers are always willing to listen to the difficulties we are having in learning. Teachers are patient and they wont give up on anybody because, teachers know that people have problems learning things.