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Kids today have such heavy backpacks. This is caused by carrying too many heavy books. Kids have to carry these heavy books to be used for all their homework.

A study shows that children should only carry up to ten percent of their body weight. Children today carry almost twenty percent of their body weight. For some children, heavy books cause back problems.

In the 1980's children spent only an hour and a half to two hours on homework. Now, children spend almost three and a half-hours on homework.

The study also shows that kids need to have free time to themselves. Although many children are involved in extra activities, children still need time alone to think, to read, and to explore their surroundings. By the time the kids finish their homework, it would probably be time for their extra curricular activities.

Children should spend more time with their family and themselves rather than doing homework. It is much more helpful and educational to have kids spend time learning and exploring by themselves, and having fun and learning with their families.

Kids should not have homework on weekends and any other days out of school or else they will worry about doing homework instead of actually learning something