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Homework means staying up half the night, not getting to play outside or getting your chores done when they should be, Which can lead to getting in trouble with your parents. This qualifies not only for students but also for teachers (except adults don't have their parents to answer to). That's why homework should be banned or at least optional for students .

Homework takes time away from family. Family time? That is what some kids ask themselves, not knowing what it is because they don't have any time with their family. This is sometimes because they are spending to much time on homework. Some parents are great at helping with homework but some parents don't or can't help with kids homework. Children from poorer families have difficulty completing homework because they may have to work after school for thier family. If you do have a parent who helps it is taking time away from their ability to spend time with family or chores they might have to do.

If a parent is helping one child out he or she is unable to help another child with his or her homework . If a parent is trying to be supportive of more than one child they can become frustrated and yell at his or her children. How much homework support is too much? or too little? After school on lesson days I hurry home to do homework and a little practicing before my lesson. I also try to eat my dinner in there somewhere but I am tired because I haven't had time to fit in a little exercise too, so I can't pay attention to my piano teacher and the lesson she is giving me, only once a week at 6:00 P.M.. because I am also thinking about all the homework I should have gotten done before my lesson and I will have to do it after the lesson. Sometimes I have to stay up really late trying to get my homework done. I start to get sleeper, and I get slower at working on my homework. Then when I finally get my homework done I am very tired. The next morning I can't sleep in because I have school so I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast , then go school. I am usually pretty tired when I get to school so my head is on my desk . I am about to fall asleep and I am also not listening to what the teacher is telling the class. It is hard to do the homework the next night so again I have to stay up all night. It is repetitive cycle. This also happens to teachers that have to stay up all night correcting papers and homework papers just make more papers for them to correct.

Homework is not all bad news. I has some good points too. Like long-term effects in school. It can help develop better study skills for higher high school grad's and college. It also helps your willingness to learn after school time. It may helps some of your nonacademic skills. For example it helps develop more independent problem solving so you can solve every day problems like how much the groceries are going to cost all by your self. It also helps your time organization skills so you can squeeze the football game this afternoon onto your schedule. But homwok is not the only way to lern all thes skils. You can lern them in school and also in camps that you may go to in the summer. So homework is not always nessasary to lern these skils Homework just causes problems for students and teachers. Homework does not always help you learn. You can not learn when you are tired, and it can cause health problems for people. Some people really worry about getting all their work in and that causes stress which is very unhealthy for your body. Homework a deadly disease that may strike you someday.