Homework, is it relevant?

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We could all ask ourselves is anything relevant. Nevertheless, homework is relevant as it belongs to a part of a tiny percentage of things that are relevant. Homework consists of two things, which are essential in education. 1) Learning- Every child, teenager and adult gets homework, from spellings to revision for GCSE's to grading tests. This element that homework gives us, makes us remember the things we did at the same time as doing the homework, and the next day when the homework is being corrected, this learning and recycling of information that was learned the night before comes back and is remembered,

2) Writing- Even if the homework set is a reading or understanding homework, notes should be made for each topic every night and kept so that when the tests come, the subjects on the test wont be new to you and the notes will be a good guideline.

So, if all we have to do in homework is sit down, read something, take notes, spend about thirty minutes revising it, what's all the trouble about? Surely two or maybe less hours of homework a night for all your subjects isn't that much, however, many people disagree.

"Mum, I have been doing this for ten minutes and can't understand it, can I not just go and watch TV and do it later?"

"Yes dear, dinners ready in 5 minutes"

Is this what happens in your house? If this is the case, WISE UP! No one who can't understand something but only spends ten minutes on it is mad! There are many resources that help people now days in their homework or projects. Examples are; books, videos, the Internet, Internet clips, visuals, encyclopedias and many more. All these resources help in the producing and correcting of...