Homework Is A Waste Of Time, And Should Be Banned!

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My fellow students, we are gathered here today to talk about a problem that affects us all. And the problem of which I speak is...homework! Now we all hear the usual moans and groans when the teacher says that we have homework, but tell me honestly, who here actually likes homework? I'll tell you, no-one! No teenager with a reasonable social life will allow this extra burden to be placed upon them other things, such as school sports, house competitions, school speech nights, and other such school functions already occupy 60% of our time.

In resent studies by a well known expert, students lives were divided into five simple - but similarly related - aspects. They are as follows;

- 80% of a students week is devoted to school life

- [20% of which is home work based]

- 2.5% is spent doing things with families

- 2.5% is spent focused on religious activities


- 15% is spent on out-side-of-school social activities

But can our generation afford to live like this? No, we cannot! We need freedom; we need options.

Not only are the above statistics true, but, it is also scientifically proven that attendance in schools would increase by about 80% if students did not have to do homework. In Sydney, a school was brave enough to try a no homework policy. They found that, not only had students benefited from the no homework policy, but teachers too had benefited from no-longer having to stress out and constantly check up on homework being done.

Another bonus that was observed, was that of the teacher-student relationship. They had become significantly better, and both students and teachers alike had felt that there was less hostility and friction felt in the classroom. All around everyone felt happier because of the no...