Homosexual Adoptions.

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Homosexual Adoption

In today's society, there are hundreds of thousands of children, who need a permanent home-a place where they can feel the love of a family. Dues to the fact that orphan children need a normal life as any other children, adoption are a very value issue. Against the public belief, there is no veracity to the widely approved intellection that only certain kinds of people are capable to adopt a child. The House this year failed to pass an amendment to the D.C. Appropriations bill that would have stopped the District from allowing adoptions by homosexual and other unrelated couples.

These days, both public and private adoption agencies are directing all kinds of children with all kinds of families in all kinds of occurrences. The intention of adoption is a child's well being. Lenora M. Lapidas, legal director for the New Jersey chapter of the ACLU, expressed, "The settlement guarantees that all couples seeking adoption will be judged only by their ability to love and support a child."

Lenora M. Lapidas mentioned, "all couples", that is also included homosexual couples.


Acknowledging that lesbians and gay men can be good parents, the huge majority of states no longer refuse guardianship or visitation to a person relied on sexual orientation. State agencies and courts now exercise a "best interest of the child" criterion to decide these cases. Under this preliminary step, a person's sexual orientation cannot be the footing for discontinuing or restricting parent-child affairs unless it is obviously considering harm to a child. All of the inquiry up to the present moment has arrived to the same palpable conclusion about gay parenting: the children of homosexual parents mature as successfully as the children of heterosexual parents do. In fact, not one study has found the children of lesbian...